Jewish Community Center
Louisville, KY
Grandmaster Y.S. Choi, 9th Degree

Ohio Valley Tae Kwon Do School
104 Margaret St., P.O. Box 58
Milltown, Indiana 47145
Chief-Master Tom Crecelius, 9thDegree
Chief-Master Katie Crecelius, 8th Degree
Contact Information:
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Muhlenberg County Tae Kwon Do
Master Jim Johnson, 7th Degree
Central City, Kentucky
Contact Information:
270-608-0136 (9am to 6 pm) or
270-525-6384 (After 6 pm and weekends)
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Traditional Ways Tae Kwon Do
Palmyra, Indiana
Master Patrick Yocum, 7th Degree
Contact Information:
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Harrison County Tae Kwon Do School
Lanesville, Indiana
Master Rick Haines, 7th Degree
Contact Information:
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Henderson YMCA Tae Kwon Do
Henderson YMCA
Henderson, Kentucky
Mr. Devin Morgan, 3rd Degree
Contact Information:
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Traditional Tae Kwon Do Chung Do Association
P.O. Box 58
Milltown, IN 47145

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